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First Aid At Work

What is First Aid At Work?

This course covers the pratical skills needed by a first aider in the modern workplace. This course will give you the confidence and knowledge to deal with first aid emergencies.

People at work can suffer injuries or fall ill. It doesn’t matter whether the injury or the illness is caused by the work they do or not. What is important is that they recieve immediate attention and that an ambulance is called in serious cases. First Aid At Work covers the arrangements you must make to ensure this happens. It can save lives and prevent minor injuries becoming major ones.

Do I need this training?

This course is recommended for those who are nominated workplace first aiders, or anyone wanting a comprehensive introduction to first aid.

So what does this course cover?

First Aid At Work is a 3 day course and consists of theory and practical. There is a multiple choice written exam and 3 practical exams on the last day.

Day one:

  • Introduction – The First Aider
  • What is First Aid?
  • First Aid in the workplace
  • Responsibilities of the First Aider
  • Action in an emergency
  • Primary Survey
  • Secondary Assessment
  • Breathing and Circulation
  • Principles or Resuscitation
  • Disorders of Respiration
  • Disorders of the Circulation

Day two:

  • Recap Paper 1 and Wounds and Bleeding
  • Disorders of consciousness
  • Foreign objects
  • Burns and Scalds
  • Bones, joints and muscle injuries
  • Poisoning
  • Incident Management

Day three:

  • Recap Paper 2 and other conditions
  • Casualty Management
  • Resuscitation Procedures
  • Incident Management
  • Written and Practical Assessment

Course Duration

24 hours over 3 days


All HSE certificates are issued through NUCO.  All our certificates have passed CQC and Government Procurement Service (Buying Solutions) audits.


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